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Sale CRM Pipeline Dashboard (Enterprise Edition)

Speaks forecast accurately about sales performance using the data from sales platform that give visibility into the sum of orders and number of quotations linked to closed opportunities


This module extend CRM Pipeline Dashboard by adding two additional aggregate fields to display total untaxed amount of confirmed orders and number of quotations generated from closed opportunities.

It helps you assess and build a game plan based on when opportunities are actually closed and how much revenue bought in the door during specified period of time (i.e. in last 7 days / 30 days / 365 days, today, this week / month / quarter / year, yesterday and last week / month / quarter / year).

It can reveal whether or not your sales team will hit their monthly quotas. It can reveal how much revenue the business is forecasted to make over the next day, week, month, quarter and year.

It has the power to create visibility and enabling sales reps to make better decisions and take action faster – it provides access to a wealth of customer and business information and allows you to organize this information in a meaningful way.

User’ll also be able to:
  • Track closing deals, win/loss ratios, sum of orders and number of quotations for day, week, month, quarter and year.
  • Monitor which regions are driving leads, where opportunities are coming from, and what the average value of each generated sales orders.
  • Monitor not only the performance of each individual sales reps but also the performance of the sales team and organization as well.
  • Customize charts and graphs or filter on data to promote accountability, define priorities, and improve forecasting.
  • Customize dashboard to display data in a variety of formats.

Data Visualization

It provides access to analyze sum of orders, number of quotations generated through closed opportunities by sales team, sales person, customer, campaign, status and several other dimensions.

Comparative Analysis

It also give scope to compare current data with previous time range so management can gain the insight that will drive improvement in future sales performance.

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