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Warehouse Dashboard (Community Edition)

To increase operational efficiency and accuracy of your warehouse, get a visual and real-time (or near real-time) analytics snapshot using charts, graphs, pivots, aggregated and formulated data

This dashboard enables you to capture accurate product quantities and locations and gives you instant access to item availability information both within the warehouse and out in the field. It’s all about getting a handle on traceability and allows improved efficiency of receiving, put away and inventory replenishment process in a more visual perspective.

As a warehouse manager you have an instant overview of your facility and know in one glance whether your warehouse is meeting its goals and sustains a reliable performance by tracking the right metrics and watching the various kind of operations for a specified period of time (i.e. for last 7 days / 30 days / 365 days, today, this week / month / quarter / year, yesterday and last week / month / quarter / year).

User’ll also be able to:
  • Examine what is the average amount of time elapsed between pick release and actual shipment?
  • Monitor how efficiently are received materials being moved from the receiving locations into their final storage locations?
  • Customize charts and graphs or filter on data to analyze the warehouse operational performance.
  • Track how effective are operation plans?
  • Customize dashboard to display data in a variety of formats.
  • Observe how many total quantity of items you have on hand and the total quantity of ordered items that are yet to reach warehouse and out from it.

Data Visualization

You can view data relating to outbound and inbound shipments, such as number of picks, pick release to ship cycle time, putaway cycle time for incoming material, pick release to ship delay time, putaway delay time for incoming material, and the total number of products picked and delivered.

Comparative Analysis

To make strategic decisions based on analysis, it allows warehouse managers and supervisors to monitor their distribution center key performance indicators by comparing today’s real time data with prior time range.

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