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Warehouse Accounting Dashboard (Community Edition)

Provide powerful insights into managing inventory, accounting for it and optimizing supply chain and sales plans through charts, graphs, pivots, aggregated and formulated data


This module extend Warehouse Dashboard by adding additional aggregate fields to display how many times the stock is sold during a period, total value of what have in stock, value of all outgoing and incoming stock moves.

When comes to the inventory accounting and the process of measuring the impact of inventory on a company’s balance sheet, there are a wealth of metrics to follow like inventory turnover, inventory value and more.

Using this dashboard you can look into these metrics for a specified period of time (i.e. for last 7 days / 30 days / 365 days, today, this week / month / quarter / year, yesterday and last week / month / quarter / year) – and helps you to measure your internal operational performance which can make a difference to your business.

User’ll also be able to:
  • Measure of how often goods are sold and replaced over a specific time period.
  • Get a pretty good understanding how the stock levels relate to sales expectation.
  • Spot excess stock where need to take action and SKUs that are selling out.
  • Customize dashboard to display data in a variety of formats.
  • See stock on hand and its current valuation at any time.
  • Customize charts and graphs or filter on data to analyze the internal operational performance.

Data Visualization

You can view data relating to the cost of unsold inventory, how many number of times a business has sold and replaced inventory over a fixed period of time etc.

Comparative Analysis

By being proactive, executives and warehouse managers can compare today’s inventory accounting data with previous time range – which helps them in better analysis and provide valuable insights to stay ahead of the issues instead of only reacting to inventory issues when they occur.

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